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A Midwest Travel Companion is all about helping you plan your visit to the  Midwest and to help you connect with the unique spirit of the Midwest and its people.

Whether you have only one day to spend, a weekend or an entire week or more, you will find information here about how to make the best of your visit.  Featuring activities, restaurants offering  good, solid, Midwestern food, history and culture and a bit of that great, offbeat Midwestern “Kitsch”.

The Midwest is just different.  I hear it from people all the time.  People here are genuinely really friendly.  The Midwest is filled with beautiful natural places (many of which were formed as the glaciers receded during the last ice age) and vibrant cultural and culinary traditions.

This is a special place where people still make eye contact and offer a greeting as you are walking down the street.  If you are on the side of the road having trouble, chances are pretty good that someone will still stop and grandma’s apple pie or favorite hot dish is never very far away.

Think of it this way – where better to go for a good time than a place where winter lasts for 6 months?  Do ya think that we have thought of a few great things to do to fill that time?

So, thanks so much for stopping by and joining our Midwestern community!  Please, hang around…linger a while.  Enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of homemade pie and we look forward to having you come to visit us in the Midwest!


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