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The Best Fried Chicken I Have Ever Eaten

Looking for some good, “put some meat on your bones” home cooking?  Stroud’s Restaurant  is the place that you need to be.  Make a special trip just to come here if you need to.  Seriously.  Not joking.

Strouds Restaurant Missouri Name

The Oak Ridge Manor location is housed in an expended 1829 log cabin and farmhouse, complete with uneven floors and doorways that give an old house so much character.  The tables are located in the rooms of the house, giving you the feeling that you have been invited over to an intimate dinner at someone’s house and not in a busy restaurant.

Strouds Restaurant Missouri Exterior

The restaurant was made famous by their award winning pan fried chicken.

I am going to disclose the fact right up front that I am generally not a fan of fried chicken.  Nothing against it, but it usually just doesn’t do anything special for me.  I am not sure what Strouds does to their chicken (other than the fact that their website states that “We Choke Our Own Chickens”) but the fried chicken here is different than anything else that I have ever tasted.

Strouds Restaurant Missouri Food 2

The batter was good enough that it made me enjoy savoring every last bite of the chicken skin (which I normally peel off).  The crunchy, fried batter was flavorful and worth eating in its own right, and it brought out the best flavors in the moist and juicy chicken underneath.

It was all so good that I dug every last piece of chicken and batter out from around the bones.

If that wasn’t all reason enough to get your tastebuds salivating, lets talk about the sides.

Butter slathered green beans dotted with ham and onions, full of down home goodness.  Fluffy mashed potatoes that taste like they consist of more butter and cream than potato.  Yum.

Homemade chicken noodle soup with wonderful, meaty, thick noodles and homemade broth that tastes like it would be a match for any cold or flu out there.

Strouds Chicken Noodle Soup Missouri

Last but not nearly least, the cinnamon rolls were the icing on the cake of a good meal.  The sweet, doughy cinnamon rolls, steaming fresh from the oven were the crowing glory of a magnificent meal, filling up the last bits of whatever space had been left in our already full stomachs and leaving us feeling significantly less able to move than we had felt when we had started.

Strouds Restaurant Missouri Food 4Wow.  I feel full just thinking about it!  Trust me.  You just need to come here.  Period.  No ‘buts’.  Bring an empty stomach!


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