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A Taste of France: The Best French Pastries in Minneapolis

I think that I have just found a new favorite spot to hang out and just “be”. Never mind that it is 45 minutes from my house without factoring in any traffic. I feel like I am in heaven.

Patisserie 46 Minneapolis

I immediately felt at home when I entered Patisserie 46 when I was welcomed by a case of sparkling delicacies like those that I have loved when visiting France (another place that makes me feel immediately at home). Shiny and full of temptation, they beckoned to me with their bright colors and small details.

Tart Patisserie 46

The hot chocolate demanded my attention. Not the generic hot chocolate that one gets from a normal coffee shop with cheap redi-whip on top, this came with foam on top that had been delicately swirled in a pattern, just like I have had in France. The quality of the chocolate made it clear to me that the proprietors of this fine establishment are serious about using only the best ingredients, and that combining those ingredients was a labor of love.

Hot Chocolate Patisserie 46

I took my flourless chocolate cake from heaven and my hot chocolate and sunk down into a much too comfy chair in a corner in front of a big, bright window looking out on the world. Comfortable, almost like I was in my own living room, I kicked my shoes off to enjoy my indulgence.

The chocolate cake was beyond amazing. Typical of many desserts that we have eaten in France and in other parts of the world abroad, it did not have the intense sweetness that permeates many desserts in the US (which can be overpowering, and can overwhelm the delicate flavors in the creation.) Its shimmery, raspberry covered surface hinted at the wonders that lied below in the form of layers and layers of chocolate and not to sweet ganache. Truly, it was just the indulgence that I needed at this moment.

Chocolate Cake Patisserie 46

In addition to these wonders, this well above average (at least for Minneapolis) French pastry shop has fresh baked baguettes, flaky pastries of all sorts (which were ruefully all gone by the time that I arrived late in the afternoon), macaroons, ice cream (the chocolate raspberry lemongrass particularly caught my attention) as well as other traditional French Patisserie favorites. Having been to France, I can tell you that this is the real deal.

Macaroon Patisserie 46

Baguette Patisserie 46

I sampled only two out of the many artful flavors of hand made ice creams and sorbets available. The lemongrass chocolate mint ice cream was intensely herbal and intriguing, but it was the The mango cilantro sorbet that won my heart today. The mango flavor was so fresh and vibrant, I could have sworn that it had been made from mangoes freshly picked from a tree out back. Coupled with the delicate, herbal flavor of the cilantro, this was an above average indulgence and would be absolutely orgasmic on a hot afternoon.

Ice Cream Patisserie 46

Had the weather been less inclement, I might have opted for Patisserie 46’s pleasant tree covered outdoor seating, distinctly reminiscent of the many sidewalk cafes that are a daily ritual for people all over France.

Other than the lack of the beautiful, lilting French language, I could ALMOST pretend for a little while that I was far away in France, and for me, this is priceless. A home away from home for longing Francophiles like me as well as normal people just looking for an easy going, casual place to just “be” (and perhaps to pick up a good baguette for dinner), Patisserie 46 is perfect.

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