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Searching for the Best Pizza in Minneapolis?

Little did I know that when my dinner companion suggested visiting this unknown pizza place in South Minneapolis that my taste buds would be in for such a treat.

“I have heard that the pizzas with the strangest combinations of ingredients are the best,” he mentioned to me as I perused the menu.  Hmmm, no shortage of unusual flavor combinations to choose from.

Pizzeria Lola ambiance

We settled on the Korean barbecue pizza (with Korean short ribs and arugula) as well as the special of the day which was topped with extra sweet peppers.  The Lady Zaza (Kimchi and Korean sausage) and the Boise (potatoes, caramelized onions and rosemary) were also top contenders for my attention and might deserve an encore visit.

We paired our orders with some locally made, artisan sodas from their beverage menu and sent it all off into the chaos of the kitchen to await pizza nirvana.

I watched the sweaty man presiding over the wood fired pizza oven at the center of the action in the open kitchen as we waited for our pizzas.  He deftly and quickly whipped pizzas in and out of the oven with an array of different pizza paddles at his disposal, matching each pizza to its appropriate removal tool.

Pizzeria Lola, Minneapolis, MN

The plates on our table were also of note-each one a unique and antique thrift store find, adding to the comfortable, “kitschy” vibe that the restaurant exudes.

Our pizzas arrived and they were phenomenal.  The flavors of the unexpected toppings melded together on my palate like best friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time but still had that familiar connection.  The crust had a lovely char on it from the oven (turning our fingers just a little sooty).

Pizza at Pizzeria Lola, Minneapolis MN

We really enjoyed the food and the ambiance at Pizzeria Lola. If you are in Minneapolis and looking for a solid place to satiate your pizza cravings, you should definitely plan a stop here!

What are YOUR favorite pizza places in the Midwest?

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