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The Best Fish and Chips in Minnesota: Britts Pub

I am sacrificing my waistline in search of the truth.  I am rummaging in search of the best, most British-like fish and chips in Minnesota.

Britts Pub Exterior

Not to toot my own horn, but I am lucky to have had some really good fish and chips in my travels.  I feel very qualified to judge the offerings of this British food staple in our fine state.

I tucked into the entryway of Britt’s Pub in Minneapolis to get out of the very British-like rain and cold and the first thing that I noticed was a warm fire which helped to draw my attention to the warm, inviting atmosphere in the rest of the space.  Warm woodwork filled the space, giving it a distinctly British flavor.

Britts Pub Interior

The memories came rushing back with the first cold, refreshing sip of Strongbow.  I could again see myself in a cozy little pub in London, eating a lingering lunch and drinking a pint.  One of the true signs of an authentic British pub is that inside, time moves at a different pace.  One pint turns into three among friends and suddenly, you find that you have unknowingly whiled away the afternoon by the glow of a warm fire.

Britts Pub Pint of Strongbow

The good?  They had Strongbow on tap (as well as a great selection of British beer).  The malt vinegar was prominently displayed on the table right (no need to ask for it from a  confused waiter who grudgingly goes and retrieves it for you from in the back).

Incidentally, in a real British pub, it is the ketchup that you would have to ask for as a special request.  They also had a small case of imported British comfort items and candy to tempt me (right next to the cash register, near the entrance.)

Briits Pub British Candy

The “Bill of Fayre” offered a larger portion of fish and chips with a pint for $12.95 or a small, lunch sized portion with just the fish and chips for $6.95.  They also offered sides of mushy peas, which I am not fond of myself, but it is an essential part of an iconic British fish and chips experience.

Britts Pub Fish and Chips

The not so good?  I immediately noticed that the fish and chips are fried in trans fat free soyabean oil.  Nothing against those who are health conscious (I am, too, most of the time) but when I am looking to eat fish and chips, I could care less about whether they are fried in healthy fat or not.  I am intentionally looking for something bad for me, and all of the really good fish and chips that I have ever had have not been fried in “good for me” oils.

So, now that your mouth is watering over the thought of greasy decadence, you will want to know “how was your meal?”

Ehhh.  The chips were alright.  They were cut a little on the chunky side, but I thought that they could have been a little bigger, and they were plentiful.  The fish was unfortunately a little bland and unimpressive.  The fish inside was mushy, and the inside of the breading was a little slimy.  It wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t up to my standards for this run of the mill British fare.

Britts Pub Interior

In defense of Britt’s, the atmosphere was great and I heartily enjoyed my visit and my pint of Strongbow.  You can’t beat the old time pub feeling here (they even have a lawn bowling court up on the roof!).   I will return again, but I will order something other than the fish and chips.

So, one down and umpteen to go.  Any suggestions for me to find the best fish and chips in Minnesota?

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