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The Best Fish and Chips in Minnesota: Merlin’s Rest Pub – Minneapolis

I knew that I had walked into the right place when a gruff, Scottish sounding voice told me to sit my “arse” down wherever I pleased.  I was at the pub.

Merlins Rest Pub Minneapolis

I was continuing my mission to sacrifice my waist line in search of the truth – where can you find the best fish and chips in Minneapolis?  Next stop – Merlin’s Rest Pub in Minneapolis.

I have an admission to make.  I have never really felt at home in bars here in the US, but for some reason, I never really had that problem in pubs in the UK.

At bars in the US, I somehow always feel like I am on display.     The fact that I felt instantly and completely at home here speaks volumes for the authentic atmosphere of this pub.

Dark wooden paneled walls lined with unique British Isle-esque kitsch makes it equally easy to socialize or just hang out and watch the world go by.

Merlins Rest Pub Interior

On to the important part – the fish and chips.  The fish pieces were hot, the batter was thick and there was no “sliminess” on the inside.  The were still smaller than I had been hoping for, but I have had to accept that when you are not near an ocean, fresh, large pieces of fish get prohibitively expensive.

Fish and Chips Merlins Rest

TIP: It is not on the menu, but you can add on a couple extra pieces of fish for $2 extra, if you have a larger than normal appetite.

The batter was flavorful, and it brought out the best in the neutral tasting Pollock   The chips were thick and crispy, and it all came wrapped together in paper (which is VERY authentic British…you have the option to order them “Yankee” style if you wish, but who would want to do that?)

Other positive notes: they had Strongbow cider on tap AND it was served in the correct glasses (when you order a drink in a pub in the UK, each beverage has specific glasses that it is served in.)

Merlins Rest Strongbow Glass

If you wanted, you could order your beer or cider laced with Ribena, a British only black currant concentrate that is very popular over there.  Another small detail that made me feel like I was back across the pond – the tax was INCLUDED in the price.

Merlins Rest Pub Minneapolis Fish and Chips Wrapper

So, the verdict?  This is the winner so far.  These are the best fish and chips that I have had in the Minneapolis area and a solid bet if you are looking for that authentic, British pub experience.

Interested in other recollections of fish and chips from around the world? Check out these high quality fish pieces!

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