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The Best Thai Food in Minneapolis

Since our trip to Thailand last January, I have been searching for Thai food here in Minnesota that was like the Thai food we ate in Thailand.  Last week, I enjoyed the closest thing to the Thai food since we ate in Thailand and the best Thai food in Minneapolis that I have ever tried.

Krungthep Thai Restaurant Exerior

The menu clearly reflected the authentic, deep Thai roots of the restaurant.  Memories of kefir lime leaves, thai chili peppers and galangal from our cooking class in Chiang Mai, Thailand came rushing back to me.  The choices were listed first on the menu in the beautiful, curvy letters of the Thai language and then in English.

I ordered the lunch combo, consisting of soup, appetizer and entree.  It looked to be an excellent value at $7.99.

To be honest, the atmosphere of the restaurant is nothing to write home about.  I saw a traditional shrine in the corner, like you would see in many restaurants in Thailand.  The restaurant was spacious and clean with plenty of seating.

I saw a Thai woman who had brought her Midwestern friend here for lunch.  As I saw the Thai woman ordering her food from the waitress in Thai, I thought that my chances of getting authentic Thai food had just gone up dramatically.

After a bit of a wait (don’t come during lunch hour, it can be very busy) my highly anticipated spring rolls finally arrived.  They were entirely worth the wait.  My tongue met vibrant flavors of cilantro and Thai basil mingled with a sweet/salty tasting dipping sauce.

Krungthep Thai Spring Rolls

Egg drop soup with a Thai twist promptly followed the spring rolls.  The veggies in the soup were fresh tasting and not overcooked.  I am not sure what kind of seasoning was used in the soup, but it had a unique Thai flavor to it that I had never tasted in egg drop soup before.

The Green curry that I had ordered for my entree was fresh tasting and flavorful.  It was made from simple ingredients, and even dulled down to “farang” spicy (a non-derogotory term used in Thailand for white people) it was still warm enough to clear the congestion right out of my chest.

Krungthep Thai Curry

The grand finale of the meal was something that I wasn’t expecting.  I had given up on finding mango and sticky rice that was even a distant cousin of what we had eaten in Thailand.  The rest of the meal had been so pleasing, though, that I took a chance on ordering it and I was not disappointed.

Mango Sticky Rice Krungthep Thai

The cool mango was served with warm, sweet rice (for anyone who has never had it, it sounds like a strange combination, but I assure you it turns into magic in your mouth).  By the time that I finished dessert, all of the sticky rice had expanded in my stomach and I was one satisfied, carb overloaded camper!

The area that the restaurant is located in is awash with traditional ethnic restaurants, but there is also a hop, trendy vibe to the neighborhood that makes it a unique in Minneapolis (and a little off the normal tourist radar.)

The staff told me that the food at its sister restaurant, the Bangkok Deli and Supermarket, is even more authentic due to the fact that there is a higher percentage of asian people who eat there.  Can’t wait to give this one a go, too!

Where is your favorite Thai restaurant? Why do you love it so much?

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