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Things to do in St Paul: A Blast From the Past-Lynden’s Soda Fountain

The menu on the wall had items on it that sounded more like they were a part of my high school chemistry class than on a menu.  “What the heck is a Phosphate?” My logical brain protested.

I proceeded to order a lime phosphate with a scoop of hand crafted raspberry sherbet.  While my companion and I waited for our order to be created, I took a moment to look around.

Lynden's Soda Fountain St Paul MN

An old fashioned cash register sat on the marble counter top.  An old (but still completely functional) 50’s style pea green blender sat on the counter across from me.  Chrome everywhere.  On the wall as we entered, I saw shelves with glass apothecary jars of candy for sale, some of which I recognized from my own childhood and some that I did not recognize that I assumed must have predated me.

Lyndens St Paul3

Lynden’s Soda Fountain in St. Paul, MN is really a blast from the past  for those looking for new things to do in St Paul – a true look into another time where life moved a a slower pace and one had the leisure to sit and enjoy confections.

I could envision children scurrying here after school, scraping together their loose change and allowance money to buy a sweet treat (back in a time where candy, ice cream and soda really were an occasional treat and were appreciated as such!)

Lyndens St Paul2

My phosphate arrived, and I savored it just like a school child who had saved up a whole weeks worth of allowance for it!  The sour pucker of real lime juice (enhanced by the phosphate for an extra tart kick) clashed with the sweetness of the raspberry sherbet in my mouth.  When they both gave up their fight and played together nicely, the unique combination of flavors made me smile.

Lyndens St Paul1

Quality confections made with the highest quality ingredients (many of them made from scratch in house or imported from special sources) make the menu offerings at Lynden’s extra special.  Next time you need to slow down, take time to stop here.  My only regret is that my full stomach would not allow me to sample more, and I am looking forward to a return visit!

490 Hamline Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116
(651) 330-7632

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