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Tips for 2014 Family Travel in America


America is an extremely exciting place to visit, and with so many states, there’s a huge amount of entertainment on offer. Whether you’re heading to some of the nation’s most popular family destinations in the Midwest or are visiting somewhere a little quieter and more out of the way, there are a few essential tips you need to know before you leave home.

Utilise car hire

Unless you’re visiting an American city, it’s almost essential to have a car, particularly if you’re travelling with children. Getting around is made easy if you have your own vehicle, and you can utilise car rental in the US to ensure you get a great deal and aren’t hindered in what you can and can’t visit. It’s a good idea to book well in advance as large and family-friendly vehicles are likely to be some of the first to go, and the last thing you want to happen is to arrive and discover there are only Mini Cooper’s available.

Plan ahead

As you’ll no doubt realise, planning ahead is extremely important for holidays, and it’s never been truer than when you’re travelling with family. When you’re driving long distances, it’s essential to have researched the route and found places you can stop off along the way. Parks are a great place for children to expel some energy, whilst diners will give you a much needed break in your journey. If you want everything as easy as possible for your kids, you need to be organised and have addressed what happens in a worst-case scenario.

Choose your accommodation carefully

When looking for places to stay, it’s very important that you fit a location to your family, and not the other way around. Just because somewhere says it’s the best family resort, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your family. You should take time to look at the entertainment and activities on offer, and consider whether they’re appropriate for your children. You should also consider costs. Even if one place is cheaper than another, it may be because child-care providers aren’t as experienced, or entry to the on-site kids’ clubs isn’t automatically included. Again, research is needed so you don’t go for the cheap option only to arrive and be unhappy with the services provided.

Travel in off-peak seasons

If you have children at school, you won’t be able to take advantage of off-peak seasons. However, if your youngsters are of pre-school age or you have teenagers taking time off between high school and college, going on holiday during off-peak periods is ideal. Not only can you save a lot of money at this time, but many attractions and facilities will be far less crowded. In America, spring break, Christmas and the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are extremely busy, so avoid these if you can.

Consider child-care options

Even if you’re enjoying a holiday with your kids, it’s nice to have some time off too. Many resorts offer evening activities and camps in addition to daily entertainment. You don’t always need to use these, but having the option of an evening or two without the children can be attractive. Even if you don’t intend to use them, researching evening care facilities for children is a good idea.

2014 is set to be a popular year for visiting America, and with so much to see and do, you’ll no doubt be excited about the prospects of a trip here. And, by taking the time to plan ahead and thoroughly research your destination, you can ensure that your family holiday is as enjoyable as pos

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  1. April Yap December 5, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    Planning ahead of time is really important when you are travelling. I agree with you that when travelling to america especially with your family it would be great to get yourselves organized. Aside from that it is also essential to be prepared for worse case scenario, so that when it happens we would be able to solve it right away.

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